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iLiv Home Care is Colorado's preferred  agency in improving the quality of life of patients and their families and inspiring people to make a difference in each other lives.

About iLiv Home Care


iLiv Home Care, LLC was founded based on core principles of superior quality care and profound compassion. When the owners of iLiv Home Care, LLC lost close family members to well-known and devastating illnesses, Cancer and Lou Gehrig’s, they vowed to dedicate their professional work to the loved ones lost and to continue the fight against the diseases.


While it is impossible to bring back those who have passed, the owners want to do everything possible to keep their legacy alive and lead the battle for finding a cure. As such, the owners pledge to making annual donations to non-profit foundations and encouraging staff to participate in volunteering opportunities.


Our hope is that iLiv Home Care, LLC makes a positive difference in the clients’ lives through hands-on work of trained staff and in the lives of people who may benefit from our social responsibility.

"As long as there is life there is hope." Bryant McGill

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